League Information!


Here at Merri-Bowl, we have plenty of leagues to keep you entertained for a whole season and much longer, regardless of age, gender, and budget.

Our League bowlers receive lots of in-house benefits, including our PIZZA AND DESSERT CARTS, DISCOUNTED BOWLING, SCHEDULE PRIORITY, and SO MUCH MORE!

While we’re working hard to get the information to you on our website, in the meantime, you can contact us during normal business hours to get all the information you need! Either that, or just stop in and grab one of our fancy flyers.


Starting November 14th, EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT AT 10:30PM will be Moonlight Doubles night, where one man and one woman (over the age of 18!) will be put to the test against other couples to win JACKPOTS, MYSTERY, AND PRIZE MONEY!

For just $29 per couple, you’re automatically entered in 1st and 2nd game mysteries, a chance at the prize money, and THREE GAMES OF 9-PIN NO TAP BOWLING!

That’s right, you get all the fun and competitiveness of a normal league, but with that special someone under the moonlight to make the night that much more special.

Kids and parents, be sure to sign up for our Youth League, STRIKE FORCE!


You can reach us during our business hours at (734) 427-2900, or by e-mail at merribowling@gmail.com. For the Twitter-savvy, you could also send us a tweet @MerriBowling, and we’ll be sure to reply!

We are located on 30950 5 Mile Road, Livonia, MI, 48150. (Just East of Merriman)

Thank you for your interest in joining a league at Merri-Bowl!