Moonlight Doubles is approaching!

A Metro-Detroit tradition has always been “Moonlight Doubles” every Saturday night, where couples from all over the area come in to have fun, drink some alcohol, and win some money!


Starting November 14th, EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT AT 10:00PM will be Moonlight Doubles night, where one man and one woman (over the age of 18!) will be put to the test against other couples to win JACKPOTS, MYSTERY, AND PRIZE MONEY!

For just $29 per couple, you’re automatically entered in 1st and 2nd game mysteries, a chance at the prize money, and THREE GAMES OF 9-PIN NO TAP BOWLING!

That’s right, you get all the fun and competitiveness of a normal league, but with that special someone under the moonlight to make the night that much more special.

Still not sold? The value for those three games ALONE for you and your couple is valued at $23.70… and that doesn’t even include the jackpots and fun you’ll have in this league.

We’ll see you on the lanes. =)